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by guest
Sat Dec 07, 2002 3:33 pm
Forum: Fusor Construction & Operation (& FAQs)
Topic: Beyond Dr. Milley ...Pulsed fusor #19
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Beyond Dr. Milley ...Pulsed fusor #19

... from the glow supply. A loop of primary seperated by a fair amount of vacuum insulation. I dubb this concept the induction pulse fusor.<br/> Since ... are needed.<br/> The voltage is created and used up at the helix so safety is inherent even at zillions of volts.<br/> How big can you make it... ...
by Richard Hull
Thu Nov 14, 2002 10:25 pm
Forum: Fusor Construction & Operation (& FAQs)
Topic: Grid
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Re: Grid

... have been used in the past on super high voltage anode systems in vacuum tubes.<br/> <br/> Some hydrogen thyratron circuits are still in service ... decks are used to allow for cascading in special systems. Engineers and safety officers don't like this, but in some instances it has to be done.<br/> ...
by guest
Sat Nov 02, 2002 4:56 pm
Forum: High Voltage - Fusor Input Power (& FAQs)
Topic: safety/current limiting,ect?
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Re: safety/current limiting,ect?

... to 50ma to begin with using inductive ballast <br/> although the vacuum and grid design primarily control grid amp draw it would be a good safety margin<br/> obviously the voltage you are going to run at would also affect the ballasting ...
by guest
Sun Sep 01, 2002 1:24 pm
Forum: High Voltage - Fusor Input Power (& FAQs)
Topic: pulsed fusor power issues
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Re: pulsed fusor power issues

... his IEC concepts. I want to build the <br/> output transformer into the vacuum chamber and use vacuum as the insulator on bare transformer windings.<br/> ... grid the onerous chore of a ultra high voltage feed thru is avoided. Safety would be easier due to the fact that the other end would be tied ...
by teslapark
Fri Jul 05, 2002 8:10 pm
Forum: Fusion --- Past, Present, and Future
Topic: The Fusor Horserace
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Re: The Fusor Horserace

... work experiments, which requires alot of special considerations and safety regards.<br/> <br/> Of course, I don't say any of these things to ... point is it evident that one has a nearly proffessional knowledge of vacuum systems, and has tackled all the details of neutron detection.<br/> ...
by guest
Sun Jun 16, 2002 5:45 am
Forum: Fusor Construction & Operation (& FAQs)
Topic: "FUSION GRIDS" are EASY !!!!!!!!!
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"FUSION GRIDS" are EASY !!!!!!!!!

... UNPLUGGED AT ALL TIMES !<br/> <br/> 2) WEAR ALL THE STANDARD WELDING SAFETY EQUIPMENT.<br/> <br/> 3) KEEP YOURSELF INSULATED FROM EVERYTHING !!!!!!!!!<br/> ... At this point, I have completed and / or acquired the following: A vacuum chamber, HV feedthru, HV prower supply(incorporated in a 7 foot ...
by guest
Tue May 21, 2002 2:36 pm
Forum: Fusor Construction & Operation (& FAQs)
Topic: Pulsed Fusor #13 Site Construction
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Re: Pulsed Fusor #13 Site Construction

<t>Wahoo!<br/> Belljar,table and hv ready to install.<br/> Vacuum set.<br/> Trial vacuum sets complete.<br/> Water cooling will recirculate ... test will be done in four days after first dry run to test positioning and safety.<br/> Grid endurance runs in air to determine how good the water cooling ...
by guest
Mon Mar 25, 2002 9:06 pm
Forum: Fusor Construction & Operation (& FAQs)
Topic: Words to the wise
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Re: Words to the wise

... I will conduct pulse but at reduced levels.<br/> I've just now got my vacuum measurements and gauges working good.<br/> Got the geiger counter ... I'm having a metal chamber built for me.<br/> Requirements for safety were getting hairy.<br/> I never quit proceeding towards a continous ...
by guest
Wed Feb 06, 2002 3:24 am
Forum: Fusor Construction & Operation (& FAQs)
Topic: Helium 3 gas pricing-gas handling
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Re: safety (Boron)

... when it was in vogue as a potential high energy rocket fuel. Read the safety data and it will curl your hair. It is deadly stuff. I don't know ... to either vaporize it in a crucible, or to place a boron target in the vacuum chamber and hit it with a focused laser. As you might imagine, any ...
by guest
Mon Jan 28, 2002 3:34 pm
Forum: Announcements and Administration Archive
Topic: creation of a newbie welcome center
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Re: creation of a newbie welcome center

I think some links to basic and not-so basic vacuum technology would be good for newcomers, as well as a couple of high voltage links, and a healthy dose of safety thrown in for good measure.
That's my 0.02 worth...