Good Diffusion pump?

Every fusor and fusion system seems to need a vacuum. This area is for detailed discussion of vacuum systems, materials, gauging, etc. related to fusor or fusion research.
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Re: Good Diffusion pump?

Post by Richard Hull » Tue Mar 20, 2018 2:49 pm

Water cooled diff pumps are great, but only if.......

1. You have a water faucet and sink or drain nearby the fusor or are willing to construct a water line from you sink drain and faucet to the fusor, where ever it is located.


2. To avoid running up your water bill, make a full recycling water system with a suitable water pump with all lines to a bath of ice water reservoir or a small automotive heater core, (radiator with a fan) and then to a normal reservoir and back again.

I choose the zero-point-zero hassle of an air cooled diff pump.

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