Neutron Scintillation Detector: start up work

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Bruce Meagher
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Re: Neutron Scintillation Detector: start up work

Post by Bruce Meagher » Wed May 31, 2017 7:50 am


BC-412 is sensitive to both gammas and fast neutrons according to the Saint-Gobin datasheet. I believe pulse shape discrimination can be used to separate the two types of events.

Check out:
viewtopic.php?t=9019&p=61738, ... -21609.pdf, and
"Plastic Scintillators with Efficient Neutron/gamma Pulse Shape Discrimination” by N. Zaitseva et. el.

I too have a ton of this material and hope to do some PSD experimenting in the distant future.

Saint-Goblin BC412 datasheet
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Dennis P Brown
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Re: Neutron Scintillation Detector: start up work

Post by Dennis P Brown » Thu Jun 08, 2017 10:39 pm

Quick update on my scintillation neutron detector project:

I cut out three "cylindrical pieces" from the neutron plastic "plate" I had obtained. One was a disaster (it moved while cutting); one turned out mostly ok; and the one was a perfect cut. Polished the perfectly cut one (after I melted it free from the circular saw bit but that is another story) and it is now crystal clear. Will try the same polishing methodology on the second cylinder that was just ok. Also, I received the oil to couple the detector to the plastic cylinder (and I will also use some of that oil to mate together two of the cut cylinders together in order to increase my total effective volume.)

Have to decide the best way to hook up the output to my power supply/amplifier/counter. Apparently, there are two methods (ground the cathode or the anode.) I have a metal shell to put the detector in for shielding (mostly for EMF but will stop low energy x-rays.) Just have to free up some time to tackle these last assembly steps.

Bruce; thanks for the information. My oscilloscope's sweep feature failed and no way I am getting another one. Still, my fusor supplied 25 - 30 k's of neutrons (using a russian BF3 detector) so I would hope I can detect that level above a background from cosmic rays (hopefully, not famous last words ... lol.)

Hope to get some results in the not too distant future.

Jerry Biehler
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Re: Neutron Scintillation Detector: start up work

Post by Jerry Biehler » Fri Jun 09, 2017 4:05 am

I use Parker Super-O-Lube for coupling gel on the secondary electron detector for my SEM. ... Akxl8P8HAQ

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