Plasma focus/Z pinch as an amateur fusion approach

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Plasma focus/Z pinch as an amateur fusion approach

Postby Dan Knapp » Fri Mar 31, 2017 10:03 pm

I've just attended the 23rd International Atomic Energy Agency Technical Meeting on Research Using Small Fusion Devices in Santiago. The program is posted at ... ation.aspx. I'll post the link to the presentations when they're available. The RUFSD group is made up of investigators from all over the world about equally divided between small tokamak people and plasma focus people, with a few "miscellaneous" like me. Plasma focus approaches are the primary tools of people in developing countries with limited resources, not unlike the typical amateur fusion enthusiast. Years ago there were discussions by a few people pursuing plasma focus as an amateur fusion method, but I haven't seen anything In this area posted for quite some time. The necessary apparatus can be home built, basically consisting of a big capacitor (which can be home built), a HV power supply to charge it (no absolute current requirement; smaller current supply just takes longer to charge), a vacuum chamber with only a rough pump (typical operation is around 1Torr), and an electrode assembly. Neutron detection can be with a bubble detector or neutron activation. This approach would warrant further notice by the amateur community, especially those who would like to pursue the p-B11 holy grail (although proving accomplishment of p-B11 fusion remains a significant technical challenge).
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Re: Plasma focus/Z pinch as an amateur fusion approach

Postby Richard Hull » Fri Mar 31, 2017 11:03 pm

Thanks Dan for the update and bringing plasma focus discussions back to fusor. net. We had a couple of boosters long ago but they were just boosters, not doers. The effort always sounded interesting, but no one picked up the mantle and took to the doing. Maybe someone will take that tack in the future.

As you note, only activation and bubble detectors need apply in this type of fusion. My guess would be the bubble detector would be the way to go and not activation at the amateur level.

No real possibility of fusion energy here, of course, yet like this forums says, another form of fusion.

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Re: Plasma focus/Z pinch as an amateur fusion approach

Postby Dennis P Brown » Fri Apr 07, 2017 4:29 pm

I considered this route some years ago and even picked up a 50 kV, 0.1 mFd capacitor (rather large, oil filled affair to say the least.) I, of course, have bottled D2, two excellent high vacuums (a turbo and DP) and three very high voltage supply systems (a pulsed 65 kV voltage multiplier system of my own design, a moderate current Glassman: 10 ma 40 kV supply; and my fusor's very high current 30 kV supply (on loan).)

However, as I learned the hard way, neutron detection is a big issue.

After finally putting together a working BF3 system and getting neutrons (yeah!) issues quickly over took my efforts; sadly, an over voltage damaged the system so, once again, I am struggling to put a working system together. The issue of neutron detection had side tracked me for years prior to my recent success so I am extremely unhappy about the new events... . As such, I am debating whether to continue that research idea relative to plasma self focus.

After reading this post, I am not sure the approach is worth the effort if a std detector isn't gonna cut it! That is not something I had considered. I was in the process of building a scintillation detector (have the neutron sensitive plastic, HV photo-detector tube, special power supply and now just need to assemble all that and hook it up to a counter. ) I was planning to check the new detector with my current fusor. But if that class of detector won't work with a focus system I have to abandon that project for certain. I will not use activation (don't trust it) and am not buying a bubble detector now after all I've invested in regular detectors ... .
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