FAQ - I have neutrons!! - training example

Current images of fusor efforts, components, etc. Try to continuously update from your name, a current photo using edit function. Title post with your name once only. Change image and text as needed. See first posting for details.
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FAQ - I have neutrons!! - training example

Post by Richard Hull » Wed Mar 28, 2012 6:19 pm

The following is an example of what a claimant must post to verify his claim to fusion and admission into the neutron club. It must be posted in this forum for critical review.

This is in relation to a FAQ in, both, the administration and announcement forums on what you need to claim fusion and join the neutron club. Please refer to this for more data.



Wow! I am excited. I think I have done fusion with my fusor setup. You have all followed my work of late and now I present my claim and wish to be admitted into the neutron club.

I have taken over two years to do all of this since I am a janitor at a local school and haven't had the money or time that some here seem to have. Thanks to Mr. Willis and Mr. Rosentstiel and Mr. Hull for the extra help on the side in private e-mails and in obtaining some hard to get stuff. Also special thanks to Mr. Hester for helping me over some of the electronic hurdles that baffled me. All you folks on the fusor list are the reason I was successful and kept at the effort. Thanks one and all.

I attach the three required images.

1. My entire fusion setup with me in the image. you will note my neutron detector in the large red moderator that contains a 3He tube with instrumentation in the rack. (shown earlier in Radiation detection forum) The second picture shows my deuterium gas cylinder and gauges. It was staged and shows me at the controls and my neighbor Billy Bob Williams (he restores old cars and helped me with my welding and machining). We weren't running the fusor here as he is leaning up against the wall and would be irradiated if I were running it. Billy gets credit here too for his asistance. He didn't want any money, so I got him a case of his favorite beer and some cigars.

2. My fusion plasma image. It is a decent star, I think. Interestingly, it later faded to just a tiny pin point with very weak rays.

3. My bubble detector image

My report:

The running voltage averaged 40kv over the 10 minute collection period
My current varied from about 12ma to 8ma over the period, but averaged 10ma.
The pressure on this last 10 minute run was ~11 microns.
The 3He detector collected 492,600 counts over the 10 minute run period or 49,260 cpm. A background count taken for 10 minutes prior to fusion run was 5.6 cpm and another taken after the fusion run was 6.1 cpm.
The bubble detector recorded zero bubbles in 10 minutes as background and 36 bubbles, as seen in the image, following the fusion run. My binned calibration noted on the bubble detector is 30 bubbles/mrem.

I hope to do some more runs this weekend.

Are there any questions for me on this?


Melvin Emil Farquarson


The above example is a sterling example of what is needed to be admitted into the neutron club. Notice the claimant referenced past postings and images he has submitted along his road to fusion, thus all members have a memory and history of his efforts up to this point.

Lone wolf reclusive, non-sharing types need not apply without a history of posting. No one bursts onto this site like a flaming meteor with a claim.

Attribution to images and people in this little "docu-drama"
Images #1 and #2 taken by Ashley Sanns with Hull's camera at one of his HEAS conferences.
Images 3 and 4 taken by Richard Hull
Melvin Emil Farquarson played by Richard Hull
Billy Bob Williams played by Carl Willis
mefusor1.JPG (311.32 KiB) Viewed 2634 times
me carl fusor.JPG
me carl fusor.JPG (312.84 KiB) Viewed 2634 times
best red star.JPG
best red star.JPG (315.2 KiB) Viewed 2634 times
good bubble.JPG
good bubble.JPG (522.32 KiB) Viewed 2634 times
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