BC-704 Li6 Thermal Neutron Scintillators for sale $500 ea. (have 2)

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BC-704 Li6 Thermal Neutron Scintillators for sale $500 ea. (have 2)

Post by Geo Dowell » Wed Jul 18, 2018 2:48 pm

BC-704 Li6 Thermal Neutron Scintillators for sale $500 ea
These can be shipped but if picked up will include the moderators (bring a truck for moderators)
Darned few of these in private hands.

Please contact me directly at GEOelectronics@Rallstech.net
and do not reply to this post as I would like to delete it when the instrument is sold.
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Thermal Neutron Detection
BC-704 is a phosphor screen based on ZnS(Ag) and 6Li.

The aim of the work is to investigate the revised concept of a neutron detector, offered by Saint Gobain-the BC-704 scintillation screen with a light readout by Wavelength Shifting (WLS) fibers. This detector was developed as a replacement of helium tubes, due to the lack of 3He on the world market. It is characterized by high sensitivity to gamma-rays, but the events from neutrons and gammas are well separated. Measurements with gamma and neutron sources have been performed and the results have been compared with helium-3 counter. According to American National Standards Institute (ANSI), we obtained n/γ discrimination on the level of 10-10, whereas absolute neutron detection efficiency was estimated as approximately two times higher than in the case of the reference 3He tube without the moderator. The tested detector is a sample prototype of one detector configuration of many possible, and that it can be modified to the neutron efficiency specification required.

George Dowell

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