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WM Kolb
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Trinitite Book

Post by WM Kolb » Wed Aug 05, 2015 8:35 pm

TRINITITE-THE ATOMIC AGE MINERAL by WM Kolb. 138 pages (31 color) of detailed technical and historical information on Trinitite from its creation in the heat of the first atom bomb to its fate as both nuclear waste and atomic age memento. Chapters and appendices include how Trinitite formed, its composition and radioactivity, care and handling, a photo gallery, a personal recollection by Ralph Pray, the fate of Trinitite, historical photos and descriptions, the design of the bomb, the latest scientific findings, and a number of previously unpublished color photos. The book comes in a Velo binding but can be ordered with a comb binding on request. Please ask for the comb binding, if you prefer a format that opens and lays flat. The price (including Priority shipping in a padded envelope) is $31. I will have copies at HEAS each year for $25 if you want to aviod the shipping cost.

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Richard Hull
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Re: Trinitite Book

Post by Richard Hull » Thu Aug 06, 2015 9:25 pm

Bill is a best bud of mine for many years. We have Uranium hunted and gone to the Trinity site together, as well.
He still sells his fabulous book " Living with Radiation - The first 100 Years". He usually has copies of this for sale at HEAS each year.

I have received his book "Trinitite" and read it already. It is loaded with good info you will not find anywhere else.

At a hamfest this last weekend I was selling my trinitite and U ore. A nuclear physicist walked up and noted that he was at this year's Trinity open house and that the folks at the Whitesands venue were selling a small bag of trinitite rubble for $100.00. He noted that my $25.00 bag with a bit large specimen and included a data sheet was a great deal! A very rare mineral that is in very short supply in any size larger that small gravel.

Bill's books are highly recommended. He is one of us.

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