Goodies for sale at the HEAS

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Goodies for sale at the HEAS

Post by Richard Hull » Wed Aug 23, 2017 1:30 am

I will have a number of goodies to sell at the HEAS gathering (I will not ship anything).
The images below show just three items for sale or pre-sale with a commitment to buy. First commitment locks in the sale....Second commitment is a back up if the first guy fails to show.

A really nice lab grade Televac TC gauge controller with matching tube. Photos show the entire controller plus a close up of the controller's meter and the digital 531 reading agreeing to within 1 micron!

price $130.00

Next an image of a clean, water cooled diff pump with good heater and clean stack.

Price $150.00

There are four images here to sell a 2.2cfm Welch pump that hits 20 microns at the head with proof, using two meters at once. One meter uses a 531 tube (digital image) The other image uses a CVC 004 tube and analog meter. They are within 4 microns of each other, as can be seen. One image shows the pump with a new Baldor 1/3 hp motor on it (old motor crapped out). The pump is mounted on a roll around steel cart. ~ 60lbs. Another image shows the close up of the vacuum metering manifold with the two gauge tubes during the pump down test.

Price $225.00

All prices are firm as the stuff is proven to work in these images. No junk or leftovers here. Click images to enlarge.

This will remain up until all are spoken for or until after HEAS in October.

Richard Hull
televac (2).JPG
televac (3).JPG
diff sale.JPG
pump130 (2).JPG
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