[FREE] Nonfunctional MKS 919 Guts

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[FREE] Nonfunctional MKS 919 Guts

Post by ian_krase » Thu Jun 14, 2018 3:17 am

I have the guts of an MKS 919 hot cathode ionization gauge controller for free to anybody who takes it off my hands.

These guts are supposedly nonfunctional, and definitely contain at least one bodge wire, but they also have a variety of interesting and not-so-interesting parts. Notably, two large and interesting transformers and a metal-cased electrometer-grade amplifier.

Face plate circuit board and rear panel connectors not included. Be aware that this device MUST be enclosed to protect you from the 200+ volts.
Please claim within a week or it goes in the e-waste.

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