#4a FAQ - Wiring for real fusion fusor - part one

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#4a FAQ - Wiring for real fusion fusor - part one

Post by Richard Hull » Tue Mar 02, 2004 7:10 pm

This diagram is to a large 40kv or greater grounded, center tapped power transformer. Such high voltage transformer types are found in electrical distribution transformers and potential transformers as well as the ocassional X-ray system transformer.

X-ray tranformers are best. A 60kv center tapped xray transformer can be expected to give a peak rectified voltage in this circuit of 30 X 1.414 = 42 kilovolts Which is just capable of getting up to 1 million neuts/sec in a well designed and operated fusor at 10ma. Note: With this higher voltage transformer example, the metering circuit would need a 10k ohm resistor across the digital meter to read 40 kv (turns meter into a 199kv meter)

Needless to say, such transfomrers are lethal and demand a massive 50amp 240 volt breaker box connection. They are unforgiving. One wrong step and you are dead. Of course, real fusion high voltage must be at least 20 kilovolts DC and this in and of itself is instantly lethal.

The 100 megohm resistor is best made up of 10, 10 megohm 1 watt 2% or better flame proof resitors, in series, floating in air between two posts on clean plexiglass.

You will note the similarity between this and the neon demo supply. The difference is that this circuit has handmade diode strings and a large 100 watt ballast resistor.

Digital panel meters found at


[b]Update 2018: Digital panel meters of the 200mv type are rare now. A free Harbor freight digital volt meter set on the 200mv range will do fine for the meters shown here. On the voltmeter, if you go over 20kv out of the supply, change the range to 2000mv (2volts) to read zero to 200kv. If you can't get free coupns for the voltmeter at harbor freight, they are $5.95 list price.[/b]

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