FAQ - The fusor and its fusion energy produced

If you wonder how/why fusion works, or how/why the Fusor works, look here first.
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FAQ - The fusor and its fusion energy produced

Post by Richard Hull » Mon Aug 21, 2017 5:10 pm

The fusor does fusion.........As such, there is fusion energy produced, it is real and calculable.

We are constantly asked about the fusion energy produced by the process of fusion in our fusors, and the conversion of it to a useful form from the fusor. To dispell any misconceptions, the discussion below will tell the tale.

Fusion energy.........

There is no fusion energy that you can collect, per se, from the fusor!
The fusion energy is far too sparse in nature and is lost in the noise and waste electrical energy needed to produce it. All of the real heat energy within the fusor assembly is due to net loss from the fusion process. (Energy that is wasted.) This is mostly due to ion bombardment of the grid, electron bombardment and failed neutrals slamming into the shell or body of the fusion chamber.

You will place over 400+ watts into the fusor from the wall outlet due to internal electrical demands required to actually do fusion. Perhaps another 400+ watts is needed to power the pumps and instrumentation to obtain and maintain the fusor's vacuum and monitor fusion.

The energy out of the fusor, solely due to fusion, is on the order of less that one microwatt. Thus, the net energy loss is about a billion to one. ( A billion times more energy is needed to do fusion than the actual fusion energy which is produced.)

Heat energy.........

The fusor actually gets too hot to touch during operation due solely to losses. As a heat engine, the fusor is a simple space heater that gets all of its interior and exterior heat from the wall outlet with all the attendent loss and efficiency of a common home space heater. (which is typically very high in efficiency)


There is no way, under any posssible circumstance or via any application of artifice, that a fusor can produce net fusion energy that is....

1. ......collectable
2. ......convertable to usable energy, be it heat or electrical in form.
3. ......beome a useful source of nuclear energy

The best to be hoped for is that you can show that fusion is actually taking place and that you, with your own hands and expenditure of treasure, have done fusion. If you go the long haul route and boost the input, the fusor can become a useful source of neutrons for simple activation and other amateur scientific experimentation projects. 95% of all successful fusioneers here never reach a significant activation level.

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