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Post by Cade_M_Duke » Sun Oct 22, 2017 12:42 am

My name is Cade Duke and I am 13 year old in the United States. My interests lie in Calculus, Nuclear physics, applied physics, aerodynamics, programming,electrical and mechanical engineering, and competitive gaming. I am currently working on a fusion reactor using deuterium but am unable to get the materials I need. I saw this website when looking for a way to get deuterium legally, which my father has to purchase due to me being a minor but I am still able to get the money for it. I also am having issues making a chamber for the reactor as I moved recently and I cannot find any of the tools needed to cut some of the metal. I hope I can get some tips and learn some new things here and make some new friends.

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Dennis P Brown
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Post by Dennis P Brown » Sun Oct 22, 2017 2:05 am

Hello and welcome. Many people buy deuterated water (heavy water) which is easy to obtain and using electrolysis, create deuterium gas (which must then be put through a dryer - D2 with D2O is useless.) As for a chamber, a successful fusor was made using a simple vacuum four-way connector (I believe about 1.5 inch tube diameter.) This no machine work at all type of "chamber" then readily allows a pumping port, a place for an electrode, a window, and vacuum port for gauges/deuterium inlet. They achieved fusion with a power supply of about 20 kV - 25kV.

One can get these components at very good prices on ebay and special companies that handle these vacuum components.

You've said nothing about your vacuum system nor gauges.

Aside:while it is theoretically "possible" to buy a lecture bottle of deuterium gas; generally, this isn't possible for most. It requires convincing the gas supply company and that isn't easy - it is an explosive danger.

I created a "commercial account" and succeed but that isn't an easy process, either. If a local gas supplier is in your area they might agree to special order you a tank.

Do realize that the D2 is only one minor (but important) part of a fusor system. The power supply is very difficult for many to obtain (and is extremely lethal so learning high voltage safety is critical.)

Detecting neutrons is a very complex task unless one just buys a turnkey system or a bubble dosimeter (special order and a only six month window for its use.)

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