Greetings from NoVA

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Josh Smith
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Greetings from NoVA

Post by Josh Smith » Thu Nov 30, 2017 4:11 pm

Hello everyone! I'm a 17 year-old living in an area known for the worst traffic in the country (it's great). I'm currently a junior in high school. I'm (currently, you know it can change in a heartbeat at this age) interested primarily in high-energy physics, but also physics as a whole. My school has a full-year research class that I'm taking, and they'll be giving me a few hundred dollars to fund my project. However, I know that probably won't be enough to build a fusor, so I've applied to some jobs that should help with the cost. Surprisingly, I stumbled across this form when I was researching the Sun's coronal loops, and wow have you guys convinced me to do this instead. I've been lurking on the forums reading through the FAQs and such for around a month, but I think I'm ready to start delving into the real thing.

I've found two vacuum pumps that I'm sure might work - both of them have return policies so I can test them if need be. There's only one problem with it that I'm not sure of: The pump is 1.5 CFM, and although my chamber will be a spherical, 6" diameter sphere, I don't know if it'll be enough. One of them is more expensive than the other by about $15, but the shipping is $40 cheaper than the other, so I think it'd be better to go with that option as I'd have to end up paying more for return shipping. They're both here:
More expensive shipping one: ... SwZjZZ5PQN
Less expensive shipping one: ... Swa3BaAlJF

What do you guys think? Thanks -Josh

Andrew Seltzman
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Re: Greetings from NoVA

Post by Andrew Seltzman » Sat Dec 02, 2017 12:09 am

Hi Josh,

Welcome to the forums. I would recommend the 110V version of the pump, both of the ones you linked to are 208V ... SwonBZ9PCm ... .l4275.c10

You can get also minor repair kit to replace all seals and o-rings ... -duo-1-5a/
Andrew Seltzman

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Dennis P Brown
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Re: Greetings from NoVA

Post by Dennis P Brown » Sat Dec 02, 2017 12:56 pm

Hello, and welcome.

As you can already see by Andrew's out-standing advice, asking for help here at the forum is a very good idea.

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