Hello From Paris, France!

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Alexandre Coutansais
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Hello From Paris, France!

Post by Alexandre Coutansais » Wed Mar 07, 2018 5:18 pm

Hi there! I'm Alexandre Coutansais, I'm 18 and discovered fusors about a month ago!
( I must apologize before I continue of any mistakes I make, English is not my natal language! and sorry for all of the '...' , I just love them, hence why they are everywhere, for me they mean that there is more to be said, and since there always is... )

I've been looking around, though not actively in the first 3 weeks but I began to be more and more interested in fusors, since the last week I've looked at a lot of these fusors on the Internet, and recently discovered this awesome Forum... Since I believe that fusion is the energy of the future ( before we talk about massive solar farms in space, because ground ones are a bit space inefficient and probably won't cut it for the increasing power demand, but we have a bit of time left before we can even attempt one of these structures... ), I feel like I really need to get familiar with what I have so much faith in!

I started looking around the FAQs already, not finished reading everything though, since I try to do it actively... but the more I read, the more I want to make one... I have a feeling that it's not gonna be easy, far from it since I don't have any background in vacuum, particle physics or high voltage...
However, I am a really curious person and in my free time I really often try to learn physics related stuff, I have a good ( though nowhere near academic ) understanding of quantum physics and a pretty good idea of how to work with vacuums ( though no experience whatsoever )... And I think that this project will help me feed my eager for knowledge and experience. It's worth noting that I've been interested in space and science since I was born, watching live rocket launches with my dad ( that always amazed me and still does today ) ...

I'm currently a student in a computer engineering school, and plan to at least achieve some sort of automation in running my future fusor..
I know that this project will take time and money which are scarce in a student environment... But I can find time to do it, and I plan on doing a summer job to get some money ( and we also got a ethereum miner in the flat which is getting pretty decent )...

Thank you in advance for your help and support!


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