Hello from the UK!

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Chris Giles
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Hello from the UK!

Post by Chris Giles » Mon May 14, 2018 10:52 pm

Hello from the UK.

Before I found the site I wasn't aware of Electrostatic Confinement Fusion and the possibility of demonstrating fusion on a small scale, e.g. in the garage. I do have a garage; one box ticked! I'm reading through the forum to see how hard the other boxes are to tick...

I have a lot of experience with electronic circuit design and repair over the years. I have a reasonable amount of electronic test equipment and tools and have recently added to this with eBay purchases of older professional test equipment (Agilent/HP, Tek, Fluke etc), sometimes renovating and repairing these. I have worked with many circuits with line voltage, hundreds of volts DC and low kV ranges. This has included working on vacuum tube circuits and CRT scopes, Linear & SMPS PSUs. I will be confident working on HV supplies, electrical/electronic measurement, automation and fixing interconnection cables etc. I hope I could help give advice on some of these topics, most importantly I am aware of the safety issues. I have noticed many videos and posts from people tinkering with lethal homemade HV PSUs who seem to be unaware of these! I also have a professional HV voltmeter and HV DC PSU which may be useful.

However, I have NO tools or experience in vacuum systems or fabrication of metalwork. I am very experienced at soldering (e.g. through-hole & SMDs) but not welding. I'm interested to see if I can join the club(s) so I welcome advice on these topics. Please bear with me if I ask basic questions about the design and fabrication.


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