Greetings from Missouri

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Kotobuki Herdler
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Greetings from Missouri

Post by Kotobuki Herdler » Mon May 28, 2018 3:29 pm

Hello all!

I am not that new to the forums, I posted a couple of times years ago under my old name Joe. Now I am legally Kotobuki Herdler. Long story, but I name changed for several reasons, not the least of which that there is someone out there who is a real wingnut with the same name as ne, and I want nothing to do with their rantings. My friends still call me Joe, but on documents and such, I am Kotobuki.

At the moment, I reside in West Central Missouri, North of Kansas City out in the boonies where property taxes are cheap and the EMS services are 15 minutes away. Soon I will be relocating to Maryland near if not in Ocean City. I am going there in a few weeks to vacation and scout houses.

My education was the normal High-school nonsense followed by State University undergrad, and University of MO graduate studies. I studied Biochemistry, specifically neurotransmitter / receptor chemistry and second language learning theory that was very neurologically based. I would have gone on to a PhD. if funding and family were not issues.

Today I am retired after years of being an academic biochemist researcher, and faculty member at a community college. I have always wanted to study physics, but the math frightened me when I was young so I went into bio-science instead, abut twenty years too early.

My interests is nuclear physics, specifically in gamma spectroscopy and nuclear forensics. I never built a fusor, and do not think that I ever will, but I did build a Neon ion source, attached to a 120 Kv accelerator. Had very small actual ion beam current, but it generated so many X-rays that it set off my radiation alarms. So I turned it off and took it apart and sold it for scrap. I am not going to irradiate my loved ones and four leggeds or my self to satisfy a curiosity. I did keep the HV source for a while, until a then thirteen year old nephew came to live with us. I took it apart, destroyed the cap/diode array and sold the pole pig for scrap before he moved in. I was not going to take any chances.

My lab at the time consisted of three NIM bins full of modules of various types, mostly Ortec. I had bought a MCA from Carl, but never got the software written to access it with a computer. That was strictly my fault. Had a bench full of Ludlum gear (and I might add that they are a wonderful company to work with as an educator), and a self contained non-modular Ortec spectroscope set up. It was very large and thirty years behind the times.

About two years ago, I had a small windfall, and decided that I would move in a few years. I divested myself of all of the large lab gear that I had, the vacuum stuff, HV as noted above, NIM gear that I gave to an aspiring young physics student that I had mentored for a couple of years (and who with a friend took that stuff and built a working Gamma spectroscopy outfit with it), and loads of chemicals. I still have my Ludlum model three survey meter, as well as the model 2001 counter scaler. Over the years, I have collected a variety of probes as well as a decent He3 probe and moderator set, which I still have. I obtained a custom made MCA that attaches to a computer as well as a Rainbow 7010 MCA for field and classroom use as it does not need a computer to generate a spectra. I also a obtained a "rugged" computer and tablet by Panasonic, both of which I recommend highly. I am looking for a self contained Alpha spectrometer (including vacuum pump) with a data output to round out my set up. I might in a few years after moving get a Ludlum NORM survey outfit and have it installed in the back of my SUV, but not now. Everything now lives in a five drawer roll around tool chest (a Matco knockoff from China) that can easily be rolled out to my truck, straped down and be off. Truck has a lift. I use this for classroom demonstrations and the like. All of the drawers have pick and pluck grey foam inserts, so nothing rattles around. My old lab in the lower half of the split level is now a furnished guest bedroom. I am fully mobile now.

I Rejoined this forum as I have a great respect for those who actually build and operate fusors and accelerators. I look forward to learning much from the group here even if I do not post much. I hope that the occasional question is not minded, especially if it is more gamma oriented than fusion oriented. I promise not to post slut or flame. One of the reasons that I changed my name (and there were many besides internet related) is that I am the opposite of those who like to flame and raise hell. I just want to learn and be sociable.

Thank you for reading my windy post!



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