Hello from Germany

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Real name: Harald Consul

Hello from Germany

Post by Harald_Consul » Sun Oct 21, 2018 11:43 am

My name is Harald Consul. I am from Germany (right in the middle of it). My profession is Statistician. I have been working for some years in Switzerland as an insurance mathematician (actuary). From that time I have saved a small amount money, so that I am able to run my statstical office in part time only and mainly doing the research, I am interested in, now (when living very modest).

I am interested in nuclear fusion since the famous Fleischmann-Pons-Experiment in 1989. I have dome some other technical DIY in electronics and high voltage already (e.g. Tesla generator), but I do not have any practical experience in building fusors. Till now, my competence in fusion matter is mainly theoretical. In addition to statistics I did an extra course in Wigner distribution, which is most common distribution, that physcists use to model quantum effects.


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