Neutron Club: Fusioneer's List

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Neutron Club: Fusioneer's List

Post by Dennis P Brown » Wed Dec 06, 2017 11:53 pm

Just a FYI; I noticed that twelve people have been accepted for the Neutron Club this year and a thirtieth is conditional. While of the twelve confirmed, six are a group for a single fusor effort, this year's acceptees appear to be an extra large number compared to more recent years and we still have a few weeks of time left. I don't know if the numbers for given years are tracked but I assume this has been a pretty large group, to date. So, for people ready to try for the neutron club (and especially for the the conditional person (who really has performed some good results and is very close to the finish line)), this might be a good time to try so we can get an extra large group to finish out 2017 here at the Fusor Forum!

Also, maybe some people that have demo-systems might want to get their first light and join the Plasma Club, this year, as well.

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