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David Conway
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Materials List

Post by David Conway » Sat Jun 16, 2018 11:32 pm

Attached is the start of my materials list with price estimates and ebay links / etc. Feedback is greatly appreciated.

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Niels Geerits
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Re: Materials List

Post by Niels Geerits » Sun Jun 17, 2018 3:16 pm

Hey David,

My Fusor is not complete but I noticed a few things in your list. You can do cheaper on your high vacuum pump. I got an old turbo for 150$ and restored it + built the driver for it for about 100$. For the pressure just get an MKS901P, you can get them for around 50$ and they have built in read out electronics which communicate with your computer via RS232 serial. And if you are going to use serial comm with a pc you might as well use a webcam for viewing 20-30$ and you got a decent webcam. High Voltage 30kV @ 20mA is going to be a bit more than 200$ AFAIK, unless you are going for one of those precipitator supplies. Also you could save on vacuum stuff if you opt for KF50 6 way cross (its a bit smaller) instead of CF 5 way cross.

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