Total newbie

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Total newbie

Post by Max_micklitsch » Fri Dec 14, 2018 3:20 am

By the way, im new around here and have no clue what im doing, but this looks interesting and i have the mechanical knowledge to want to try, im gonna be asking so many questions 😂
what are the parts needed for a basic fusor setup? What safety precautions should i take?
where would i get these things? Ebay?
Im a total newbie, all ive done with high voltage and such is play with MOTs.

Rex Allers
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Re: Total newbie

Post by Rex Allers » Fri Dec 14, 2018 11:35 am


The first thing you should do is try to get most of your basic background by reading lots of the FAQs on this forum. Questions in the New User Chat area are good too but you'll get best reception if you try to do your homework before asking questions that are repeated over and over. That's what the FAQs are trying to avoid.

On the main page, the main section "Start Here" has "Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)" that can be used to link you to the FAQ subsections. Or you can go directly: each main section (like "Fusor Construction & Operation (& FAQs)" ) has a FAQ section at the top when you enter.

There are a lot of FAQs. It might be good to start by reading, in each section, the topic names that begin with a number (#1, #2, ...). These should cover a good amount of the basic help. Later you can move to other FAQs that sound interesting.

Please don't ask questions in the FAQ threads. The goal is to keep the FAQs clean and only add to them if there is additional information that might be worth amending these references. As you come up, most questions should be posted in New User Chat. The individual technical sections are best for topics that might expand knowledge or are about some particular item (maybe a particular supply or pump, for instance).

You also may want to browse through some of the posts in "Images du Jour" for pictures of a broad array of equipment members have used over the years.
Rex Allers

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