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Dumping the trash

Post by Richard Hull » Tue Feb 13, 2018 7:34 pm

I have just purged an entire thread. It was a form of advertising for manufactured, commercial fusion reactor assemblies costing tens of thousands of dollars. Actually it was an attempt to advertise what claimed to be over-unity fusion systems to a public market.

In keeping with our policies, no form of commercial advertising will be allowed in these forums. Private sales of fusion related materials to single private parties for material components needed to complete a fusor or items related to nuclear measurement devices is allowed in our Trading post forum.

URLs of known, reliable sources of materials or components that might aid in sourcing items valuable to, or needed by individual fusor builders, is allowed in any forum. This does not include finished fusion systems, kits, or reactors.

Purging of all commercial advertising will be permanently enforced here.

Richard Hull
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