Guidelines for usage and outline of areas of investigation

This area is for ADVANCED theory and discussions only. If you just joined, chances are this is NOT the area for you to be posting.
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Guidelines for usage and outline of areas of investigation

Post by Frank Sanns » Wed May 13, 2015 4:14 am

Welcome to the advanced discussion area of Please use this area for advanced presentation of data and for collaboration on fusor projects.

To kick this off, I am posting an outline that I made from what we on were working on back in 2004. It is not exhaustive but you can see it is quite a bit more technical than just building a fusor. Hopefully it will stimulate some of the more scientific in the group to push this work forward.

Inertial Electrostatic Confinement
-----Chamber Geometry
-----Grid Geometry
-----Grid Design
----------Plasma electrodes
-----Grid composition
----------High temperature (W, Ta, Re...)
----------Fuel absorbers (Pd, Ti,.....)
----------Fusable Gases (Deuterium, Tritium, Boron.....)
----------Fissionable Gases (mostly Hi Z....)
----------Gas Mixtures (Argon, Xenon, D2O....)
-----Increase the number of Ions
----------Ion Guns
----------RF Guns
----------Filament Guns
-----Mean Free Path Determination
-----Location of fusion in a fusor
----------Metal latices (Ti, Pd etc.)
-----Pulse Mode
----------Descrete or intermittent pulses

------Targeted Systems
----------High ion current devices
------Hybrid Systems
----------Boron Shell to capture neutrons and release heat
----------Cold/hot fusion hybrid
----------U238 energy multiplication

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