Another Farnsworth team member passes

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Another Farnsworth team member passes

Post by Richard Hull » Mon Sep 24, 2012 9:01 pm

Fred Haak, one of the engineers on the Original Farnsworth team has passed away in August. I was notified by fellow team member, Steve Blasing.

Now, only two members of that original late 50's and early 60's group remain alive, Steve Blasing and Robert Hirsch.

I am glad I got to personally meet and confer with all the team members except Philo and the Admiral back in 1998 and later with Paul in 2004, I think. The team never had more than 6 members on-site at Pontiac Street in Fort Wayne.

I'll always remember Fred Haak from my first visit to Fort Wayne. He was a short, thin somewhat shriveled and wirey old man who only one year before had suffered a stroke that left his left side paralysized. By the time I got there he was fully functional and out golfing again. He continuously smoked like a chimney while I was with him. (He got another 15 years of chain smoking in after his stroke!)

Fred, Gene Meeks and myself went to an IHOP for breakfast one day and a very young, attractive waitress handed us the menus and left us to decide what we wanted. Upon her return she said, "Have you gentlemen finished looking yet?" Without hesitation, Fred said, "Honey, I'll never be done lookin' ". I laughed so long and hard, tears were in my eyes. Fred and Gene had to order while I wiped my eyes and continued intermittent laughter.

Good bye Freddie....Hope they have free Marlboro's there....wherever there is.

Richard Hull
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