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Re: Microcontrollers - Arduino

Post by Richard Hull » Mon Mar 09, 2015 8:06 pm

All my apps demand portability and super cheapo finished costs. I refuse to be involved at all with those kludgy "shield" boards that piggy back on the UNO. I will not use the Uno in any finished product or app. All finished items will work with the $4.95 Arduino Pro-mini that is pre-programmed for the app. The pro-mini = the UNO and will run all the programs and has all the ports PLUS two extra analog ports! I can do all the interfacing personally, being an old school EE. The Arduino UNO is just a rapid development system for me.

I have used lab jack and it is OK for fixed apps where a full computer is permanently at hand. I have also used the Basic stamps of Parallax since their introduction. I have the Propellar which is extremely powerful, but way over the top for what I need.

If what I want to do can't be done with the Arduino IDE and boards, I just, quite simply, will not become involved with such an effort at all. I'm retired and will not work at any level or on anything that I don't want to. The distant future for me is certainly no more than 20 years off...If I am lucky and can stay clear of mind.

My motto is that if it requires more than 4 digits of an LED 7 segment display or more text than a 4 line by 20 character, LCD backlit display, I'm not doing it. ( I far prefer the $4.98 2X16 LCD white text on blue backlit LCD....M.P. Jones)...Cheap, cheap, cheap.

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