Shine - a real use for fusion, now!

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Re: Shine - a real use for fusion, now!

Post by Rich Feldman » Fri Mar 10, 2017 6:47 pm

JakeJHecla wrote: ... accidental solution reactors have happened a number of times previously. In such a criticality accident, when the solution hits k=1, there's a large release of heat and radiation, but rarely an explosion. ... system will go critical yet again (often repeating many, many times)...
The Japanese built a facility called TRACY for doing that on purpose, with real fissile materials in solution, and plenty of variables. Some early results were useful for terminating the unplanned criticality at Tokai-mura in 1999.
snipped from ... 5/2_4.html

Today I couldn't re-find an online video clip that viewed a TRACY critical solution from above. Not only was the camera shielded, it was at the farthest corner of the enclosure, with telescope and mirrors in the optical path. In spite of all that, the image gets sparkly (and momentarily white) from irradiation of the camera sensor. Like the videos Andrew Seltzman has shown us from camera on conveyor cart in e-beam irradiation facility.

When the criticality at Tokaimura was over, I believe the total fission count (which power of ten) was determined by measuring the activation of coins found at the plant office and in neighbors' houses. They must have been looking at activation products with half-lives measured in hours or days. Maybe that's given in the reference given above by Jake. A friend of mine was in Japan on business at the time, and the accident interrupted his rail travel.
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Re: Shine - a real use for fusion, now!

Post by Richard Hull » Sat Mar 11, 2017 4:39 pm

Again, fortunately, this system can't go critical even by accident or the NRC would never have issued the license to proceed. Nor, would they have ok'd the license to use and receive the fissle materials needed to make "Shine" go. Killing the fusion neutron source, (cutting its power), would force the normally subcritical operation to go deeply subcritical.

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