Hello From a High school in Indiana

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Hello From a High school in Indiana

Post by Dylan__brown_ » Tue Aug 07, 2018 2:23 am

Hi, I'm Dylan, and I run a Fusion based club at my Highschool! We are planning to build a reactor in the near future, but are trying to figure out how to propose a Fusion Reactor to a Science department chair! Thanks So much, will be writing further topics

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Dennis P Brown
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Re: Hello From a High school in Indiana

Post by Dennis P Brown » Wed Aug 08, 2018 8:15 pm

A couple of approaches might help - first, have enough people with assigned specific areas that they will study (using FAQ's here.) Be sure to match people with their interest and abilities. For example, someone that can use machine shop tools is ideal for making the fusor chamber - even if it is from a "t" vacuum connector. Know what is available at the school (maybe a vacuum pump and a vacuum gauge of some type (not a dial gauge!))

Second, show how you will approach this idea and how you intend to solve the various issues - like the problem of obtaining of deuterium gas can be a serious challenge and one you need to decide on how to solve for a "reactor" (as in a working fusor.)

Safety is critical if the school will support your group so you need to be able to address those very serious issues to their satisfaction.

Funding - no matter how inventive you are, there will be costs - you need to address that problem properly to everyone's satisfaction, as well. Determine what you must buy and how much (be realistic for ebay.) Create a working budget for each area that will be required.

Note what resources are available in the area - maybe a sign shop or refrigeration company that might help.

A university or college might be able to assist with equipment loans.

Finally be realistic - this cannot easily be done and few succeed. Determine ahead of time why you will succeed by carefully researching those that did and those that didn't - how to avoid mistakes that derail most projects (i.e. power supply; neutron detector system.) Decide how you will follow a path that can achieve the goal you want.

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