[Requist] Looking for vacuum equipment (NL)

Use this forum to offer / scavenge for fusor parts
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Joep Stuyfzand
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[Requist] Looking for vacuum equipment (NL)

Post by Joep Stuyfzand » Wed Oct 03, 2018 11:53 am

Hi all,

I am well on my way building a fusor, however, I am having some trouble sourcing vacuum equipment.
A lot of the offers on eBay for Oil Diffusion pump and other items have enormous shipping fees to the Netherlands. For example often over 150% of the price of the pump.
I am keeping a close eye on auction sites but my hopes are getting lower, so I figured I would make a post here to improve my chances.

I am looking for: (Netherlands/Belgium/Germany area)

An Oil Diffusion pump. Any working model will do. My chamber is not at all big and I do not strive for the highest neutron count (yet) so
it does not have to be a high end model either.

A vacuum gauge. Something along the lines of a MKS 901P, these are very reasonably priced on eBay but I figured it would be better for all parties involved if I took an extra one of someones hands.

Deuterium. Any amount is welcome. I do not plan on using significant amounts. I'd rather help someone get rid of some than buy a whole bottle on

Valves/tubing which are suitable for Deuterium.

All prices are up for negotiation.

Thanks in advance.

Roberto Ferrari
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Re: [Requist] Looking for vacuum equipment (NL)

Post by Roberto Ferrari » Wed Oct 03, 2018 2:18 pm

Hi Joep

As I stated several times, it is easy to recover a damaged diffusion pump.
Try to find some high vacuum seller or mass spectrometer seller and talk with their support people.
Some companies discard a damaged diffusion pump, mostly due to two possible problems: cracked glass oil level visor or burned off heater.
I have three, recovered from mass spectrometers due to crack in the glass window. I just pulled off the rests of the window and sealed the hole with a SS blank, using TIG. Most of them are air cooled.
In case you are in touch with university labs, try to reach people using analytical instrumentation.
In the past, here in Argentina, when CRT factories stopped manufacturing TV tubes, many installations were auctioned and the market was plenty of used 4" diffusion pumps.
Another industry that employs diffusion pumps is that make vacuum deposition metallic films (chrome deposits on plastic accessories for cars).
May be you can start with a used/old system.
My suggestion is to start the design of your system with the diffusion pump in order to adapt the rest of the elements to the flanges that come with it.
Good luck!

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