Hello from France

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Camilien Beaudoin
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Real name: Camilien Beaudoin

Hello from France

Post by Camilien Beaudoin » Sat Oct 06, 2018 9:37 am


My name is Camilien I'am a french 21 years old hardware and software engineer. I'am working in the car painting industry to develop electronics and IT systems for painting equipments, I am often using high voltages 80/100KV at my work as it is one of the techniques used to paint metalic objects.

I've always loved experimenting and learning about as much stuff as I possibly can, my room (I think like many of yours) looks like a lab with scopes, high and low voltages generators, CNC, 3D printer, powerful lasers...

My latests projects include but are not limited to, a 1 meter 6 dof industrial looking robot arm to learn inverse kinematic, a transversaly excited atmospheric pulse laser and a 200KV power supply.

I'have recently aquired an Edwards E2M1.5 vacuum pump and I am currently building a vacuum chamber with the objective to do thin layer sputtering or other experiments (maybe fusor) so I am mainly here to learn everything I can about vacuum systems and how they interract with high voltages, and share my knowledge if needed.

Thanks for reading and for this amazing source of knowledge you give access to anyone.

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