Wanted: Roughing Pump

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Jeremy Adams
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Wanted: Roughing Pump

Post by Jeremy Adams » Wed Nov 14, 2018 1:24 am

Hi All,

If anyone is selling a roughing pump here that is in condition to pull below 10 microns, I would be interested in purchasing.

I know roughing pumps are pretty common on eBay to purchase, but I am having trouble finding one that is under 500$ that is guaranteed to pull below 15 microns (ideally around 5). In the summer I bought a used pump listed as "in working condition" on eBay that was designed to pull around 5 microns but struggled to pull below 200 microns and needed serious servicing. Since a lot of eBay listings for these types of pumps are not tested or need rebuilds, I am afraid of making another roughing pump purchase and winding up with another faulty pump.


Ameen Aydan
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Re: Wanted: Roughing Pump

Post by Ameen Aydan » Wed Nov 14, 2018 3:54 am

I'm not so sure about you not being able to find a pump that is under $500. If you search for used pumps, it is guaranteed to find more than 1 under $400. Also, there is such thing as using the make an offer button to bargain the price down. I once got a $750 diffusion pump listing for $75. If your not confident about the pumps capabilities, just send the seller a message via eBay's messaging centre.


There are plenty of people on this forum that want to sell their pumps, just take some time to look. I'm not trying to be mean and rude so please don't mistake me for that. I'm just saying. Canadian habit.

Ameen Aydan

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Richard Hull
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Re: Wanted: Roughing Pump

Post by Richard Hull » Wed Nov 14, 2018 7:04 am

I think the real issue is finding a pump owned by someone other than a total dunderhead. Most all pumps are sold by idiots, the uninformed and the "I don't know nothin' 'bout no microns" crowd on e-bay. Add to this, the absolute requirement by the person above seeking a pump warranted to go down to 15 microns as a high end, but desires a 5 micron low end.

You have a perfect storm where the potential seller must have a plus ultra, used roughing pump (exceedingly rare) and has a suitable accurate vacuum gauge with a full familiarity with vacuum technique to warrant his pump meets the rather tight criteria mentioned above.

Indeed someone might have such a pump within these forums. I certainly do and offered it for $350.00 at my recent HEAS event....No takers....It will go down to just under 14 microns at the head in a minute or two and has fresh oil in it. It runs on 220/240 volts ONLY! Sorry, I refuse to ship it, regardless of any offered price. pick up here only.

All the best to anyone seeking and obtaining such a plus-ultra used pump on the cheap. It is certainly within the realm of possibility.

Richard Hull
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Dennis P Brown
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Re: Wanted: Roughing Pump

Post by Dennis P Brown » Wed Nov 14, 2018 7:51 pm

Just did a simple search for a "Two stage vacuum pump" and found a few usable pumps for under $500; one was even tested for under 6 microns. The seller gave a 30 day return policy, too. Are you searching using correct terminology?

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