Hello from America

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Tyler Fothergill
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Hello from America

Post by Tyler Fothergill » Sat Feb 09, 2019 8:27 pm


I am a fourth year college student studying my undergrad in aerospace logistics and management. I attended three years in a pre-engineering school while in high school and have two years of aerospace engineering under my belt. I have a deep interest in human space flight, bio-engineering, electronics, programming, and of course nuclear physics.

So far I have done small projects in all my interests except nuclear. I taught myself programming, I have brewed mead, I have built a slayer exciter, a 3D printer, and a very very crude "ion engine". I hope to build a fusor one day, but I am very cautious and hope to have some guidance in ensuring it is a safe endeavor (or as safe as producing table top fusion can be).

I currently work in a government supplier for NASA, the Navy, Boeing, Lockheed Martin, and the Air Force. I am a quality inspector, and have had the privilege of holding SLS / Orion spacecraft circuitry. Yes, I geek out every time. I am also the president/founder of a student lead organization focused on space exploration. We have made some waves, but we are still getting on our feet.

Though I have an interest in nuclear physics; I am still very new to the science and am here to learn all I can.

Thank you,
-Tyler Fothergill

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