Jeannette at MIT

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Dennis P Brown
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Jeannette at MIT

Post by Dennis P Brown » Wed Mar 11, 2015 4:01 pm

Hello; been busy of late so I have missed reading much here. However, as spring advances, I hope to change that!
Some really great news relative to Jeannette my daughter! She won an internship in France for the summer - her job will be to model interactions between Co or Ir with a Graphene interface relative to superconductor properties. This will both enable her to do first class real world research in solid state physics but also, allow her to practice her French speaking abilities. I am very proud of all her hard work and accomplishments that have enabled her to reach this level of knowledge; also, confirmation by a major R&D group in her abilities by hiring her even as a sophomore at MIT speaks volumes.
Time is really flying since she will be a junior this fall - didn't seem that long ago when she was at Richard's get-together and she was still in high school; well, it hasn't been all that long since she is still just eighteen. On the down side, despite my best attempts, she is determined to stay in theoretical physics and is in love with field theory (and if she gets into string theory, I will have to have a real talk with her ... .) I have tried to convince her to at least explore fusion research (she is at least interested in E&M and plasma physics) but maybe the fact that fusion appears, as Richard says' - "Is the energy source of the future and always will be" has convinced her to consider other fields (lol).

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Re: Jeannette at MIT

Post by Richard Hull » Wed Mar 11, 2015 9:15 pm

It is great to hear of her many sucesses. I am sure she is bound for many more. She sounds strong willed and that is what it takes to make good decisions based on a sound mind. Theoretical physics pushes the boundaries and is needed, for sure. I think she will find a
comfortable niche in science for herself. You have done well as a father and parent of the future.

We have many success stories here of youth going forward remarkably well and it is not necessarily due to amateur fusion efforts, but due to the caliber of many who are attractted to this site which remains rather pure in purpose and direction. This is to offer a place where real science is studied and the hands-on imperative is stressed to create doers in the future world of science.

Regardless of how things ultimately turn out, you have done far more than most parents will ever do. Thanks for your efforts impacting the future as they have all been positive. All the very best for Jeannette in her future efforts to push forward in what ever her ultimate choice is within science.

Richard Hull
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