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Subject: Re: Glass Process Pipe
Date: Jan 14, 3:01 pm
Poster: Richard Hester

On Jan 14, 3:01 pm, Richard Hester wrote:

Even for this tubing, I would try to find it on the used market, though the qvfps site does have a distributor list. Since the tubing sections are easily demountable, it is likely to be reused. I would start by asking around at a plumbing supply concern that caters to industrial clients. If they don't stock it themselves, they might be able to point you toward someone that stocks or works with it.
The flanges are made of cast iron, so they're not likely to be all that expensive, especially as they don't have that "vacuum" stigma, which automatically jacks up the price....

At present I'm working with a section of 4" SS pipe with LF100 flanges on either end and 2 side arms, one with a KF16 flange (pump down), and the other with a KF25 or KF40 flange (window). I've ordered the flanges and centering rings for the ends, and plan to start out with a little Oscar Meyer weenie of a cylindrical center grid with spherical ends about 1" in diameter. It's not quite as nice as a conflat setup, but I still should be able to pull a pretty decent vacuum.

>Anybody have ball park figures for what this glass process pipe costs? I assume the tubing itself is pretty inexpensive, but what about those flanges and fittings?