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Subject: Re: Electrons
Date: Jan 15, 6:13 am
Poster: John J.

On Jan 15, 6:13 am, John J. wrote:

>>I have a question. Do the electrons in a fusor form an electron cloud around the reaction zone or do they travel radially through the fusor like the ions?
>Those formed in the center move radially, frequently in a thin blue beam, but tend to hit the wall and stay there if the chamber is metal-walled.
>It is possible to bias the outer grid a little positive and emit electrons to it, or create electrons from the glow discharge, in which case the electrons go to the outer grid and oscillate there for a while. This makes the glow discharge process brighten substantially. Magnetic fields greatly enhance this effect.
Lets see if I got this correct. Ions and Electrons in a fusor oscillate radially through the fusor and create virtual cathodes and virtual anodes where ever their U-turn points are at, which happens to be organized in alternating sheaths of potential, correct?

So, I would assume that electrons then oscillate right through the reaction zone, correct?

So, then velocities and relative counter oscillation is what keeps the particles apart as separate electrons and ions?

Sorry for all the question I'm new to this concept.