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Subject: Re: Question
Date: Jul 06, 09:43 am
Poster: Richard Hull

On Jul 06, 09:43 am, Richard Hull wrote:

>I always thought that the reason sustained fusion worked on stars was partly because of the extreamly high gravity. If this is true then how can we ever reproduce that condition on earth?

Gravity is just nature's way of doing fusion. Get a few hundred quadrillion tons of hydrogen let the stuff infall over a few millenia and it is autostarting, self-sustaining and free for the price of the gravitational laws of physics.

There are many methods for doing it on a microscopic scale (man sized). However, nature still holds the record and is the only one to go self-sustaining and over unity. Man's finest attempts with countless billions spent and 40 years of the doing are really whimpy efforts.

In effect it was part of a giant government make work program for Phds and Phd wanna-bes. The current effort, mainly at Princeton and Los Almos has been promising "real soon now" for over 30 years! This ever repeated litany and droning manta has been their staple instead of fusion results and has successfully seen countless hundreds of scientific wheels and hangers-on into safe and comfortable retirement.

The payoff will be big though if some slob figures out how to do it well and on the cheap.

Richard Hull