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Subject: The Bell Jar/Alcator Site
Date: Jan 16, 11:47 pm
Poster: Richard Hester

On Jan 16, 11:47 pm, Richard Hester wrote:

As a response to the person who inquired a few days ago about suggestions for constructing vacuum apparatus with "non-vacuum" materials, I would suggest looking at past issues of The Bell Jar. I just received the 1994 edition in the mail a couple of days ago, and the spirit of improvisation and "make do" is very much alive there. For a description, check out the Bell Jar web site at tiac.net/users/shansen/belljar. This has been mentioned previously, but a repetition won't hurt.
Another intersting page is associated with MIT's Alcator tokamak, listing materials and fittings recommended for high vacuum use. It's at pfc.mit.edu/cmod/vacuum.html.

Richard Hester