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Subject: Re: Another Newcomer - Thanks for Sharing Work
Date: Jan 17, 0:04 am
Poster: Richard Hull

On Jan 17, 0:04 am, Richard Hull wrote:



I believe those giant storage tubes were the Farnsworth "Iatron tubes". Yes, they were virtually all under special military contract. They were very special and a lot of R&D went into those monsters.

I have talked to the entire team of original fusor researchers at ITT/Farnsworth. Their period of investigation was from 59 to 68, with the best work being done after 63 or 64.

I'll have to check with some of those guys to see if they can remember a Thornton.

Richard Hull

>I can also remember that a big technical issue at Farnsworth was the design of image storage scopes, very large screen, I believe for the government. I can remember him talking about this area for a few years. The problems appeared unsolveable, but I don't know the outcome.
>I'm looking forward to calling my Aunt and discussing Uncle Charles's work at Fort Wayne and after the ITT buy-out.
>Thanks again for the posts.
>John Wheeler