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Subject: Re: Teflon Coated Gear
Date: Jan 17, 7:59 pm
Poster: Richard Hull

On Jan 17, 7:59 pm, Richard Hull wrote:

>I'd say the total vaue of these fittings was over $1000 - a shocking amount of KF16 and KF40 elbows, tees and nipples, plus (2) KF40 pneumatic right angle valves and (1) KF16 right angle valve. I got a bargain, as even the KF flange stuff is hilariously expensive new. I think I'll try using them...

The right angle valve alone makes using the material worthwhile. Just make sure that metal screening covers entrances to this plumbing from the fusor. This should stop the beams and most of the particles which might fry the teflon on that piece. I will be curious how low that stuff can be driven if you plan on going below 10e-6 torr.

Richard Hull