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Subject: Re: Sorption Pumps
Date: Jan 19, 1:55 pm
Poster: Pierce Nichols

On Jan 19, 1:55 pm, Pierce Nichols wrote:

>I'd use aluminum... Cheaper, and you can find suitable finned extrusions designed for heatsinks quite easily.

GP -- the only objection in my mind was the fact that you cannot braze aluminum. I do have access to a TIG welder and the knowledge required to use it. Can you suggest a supplier for those heat-sink extrusions?

>Bakeout with an aspirator might not work, mostly because aspirators are notorious for water vapor backstreaming.. (unless you were using a gas flow aspirator..)

Oh, I thought that was assumed. Of course an air aspirator, which it appears is also termed a venturi vacuum pump by manufacturers. McMaster-Carr has a broad range. Only problem from my point of view is it means yet another valve, raising the valve count in my concept system to four -- isolation valve for each of two sorption pumps, one for the sorption system overall (although this can almost certainly be dispensed with), and one for the aspirator.