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Subject: Re: OT -- good price on vacuum gear?
Date: Jan 26, 12:07 pm
Poster: Richard Hull

On Jan 26, 12:07 pm, Richard Hull wrote:

>Short comment -- the reason I'm spending so much time lately talking about vacuum equipment rather than strictly fusor stuff is I am working up a design and starting to accumulate necessary items, and most of my questions are directed toward that. I think it's mostly related because any fusor is a vacuum project as well. If ppl think that it is a distraction, I can take it to private email.*

NO WAY! Vacuum is an inseparable part of the process and open discussion HERE regarding it are crucial in the cross talk. RH

>I don't need it right now; I was wondering if it was enough of a steal to justify going after it before I have a lot of other necessary equiptment. If it's a stiff price I'll just wait and spend the money on a couple of valves. On that note, what is the fair price for 2.75" CF and 1.33" CF manual valves, both bakeable and non? Assuming clean and working, of course. What's the fair price for 2.75"CF & 1.33"CF flanges, nipples, tees, and crosses?

If you go for the valves, a good price for a clean, used CF valve would be $100.00.

I picked up 3 used valves (Norcal KF25 types) from Duniway and paid 175.00 each (ouch!, but had to have them) I was stunned when they arrived. I thought a mistake had been made!!!!! They looked as if Norcal had sent me three mint valves!!!!

A call confirmed that they were indeed used. Duniway soes not collect surplus and redistribute, they totally rebuild! You in effect get a new valve. They totally dis-assemble and micro bead blast the SS part. They them electropolish them and through away all gaskets, o rings fittings etc. and replace them totally with viton elements. The bellows are checked and cleaned and the valve reassembled and He leak tested to its original rating. They are cap plugged, placed in heat sealed PE bags and sent out. YOU GET NEW, USED valve! The new Norcals are about $250 each.

Conflats are an expensive way to go, but allow bakeout. Should you find the right surplus offering, prices could be 1/10th duniway, but will more likely be 1/2 duniway if a moderately vacuum savy retail operation is selling them.

Richard Hull