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Subject: Re: Deuterium refining
Date: Aug 09, 8:59 pm
Poster: J Smith

On Aug 09, 8:59 pm, J Smith wrote:

>We fusor freaks have enough tough rows to hoe without trying to home brew cheap industrial gases.
>The actual process of calibrated leaking in D2 gas is a major hurdle for the amateur not already familiar with the art.
>Richard Hull

This is my first post - Let me say "well done". The information on Farnsworth and the Fusor is very interesting and well presented.

One comment following on the D2 notes - As you know the "hot" fusion team demonstrated proof of concept with 80 tons of D2 in the first thermonuclear device. Later weaponized versions relied on H, D, and T combined with 6Li and 7Li. The lithium salts providing a solid, compact form of the fusion fuels. Li also provide in situ T in a high neutron flux environment. I know LiH is commercially available, and LiD may be available from Aldrich - Question 1: could an Li - H or D salt be used a fuel to boost a Farnsworth Fusor? One immediate benefit: as a solid it would not compromise the vacuum.

Question 2 - How do you convert n/s, or neutron flux units into common energy units (Joules or BTU/Hr) and compare those numbers to energy input. I'm trying to envision the power extraction side of a steady state Fusor.

JK Smith