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Subject: Dr. Robert Hirsch
Date: Jan 26, 8:56 pm
Poster: Nathan K

On Jan 26, 8:56 pm, Nathan K wrote:

I heard a story that says that Dr. Robert Hirsch was a key figure back in the 70's in adopting the Tokamac concept in the US.

We have all slammed the Tokamac community pretty hard and I think we were missing some factors. Hirsch supported Tokamac research in the 70's and I can understand why.

Back in the those day's in the US all of the fusion devices except for the IEC had a problem with a phenomenon know as the Bohm diffusion effect, and it was not until Dr. Sakarov in Russia invented the Tokamac that the problem was solved.

Also the Tokamac's back then were small, not as small as an IEC but they were small enough to be practical.
Dr. Hirsch had tried to sell the Atomic Energy Commission on electric fusion and could not get them to fund it, because someone's existing funding had to be cut to fund Dr. Hirsch's IEC research at ITT.

The road ahead from that point on IEC as is the case today still calls for serious funding and it was not available back then. After Dr. Hirsch became the top man in Fusion funding he made funds available for IEC research and no one wanted it.

So, what about Bussard? He was making his own version of a Tokamac back then (I believe its at Wisconsin University), look up the patents. No by the time Bussard and Hirsch agreed on the future of fusion being the IEC, funding was gone.

So, if they know it or not, the Tokamac community and the fusion community owes a lot to Dr. Robert Hirsch.

Nathan K.