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Subject: Re: Self Confinement.
Date: Jan 27, 10:35 am
Poster: Pierce Nichols

On Jan 27, 10:35 am, Pierce Nichols wrote:

>The wire grids are fixed antenna or resonators! An ion cloud change as the plasma evolves, and will find its minimal energy state with the system, like a bubble perhaps.

Maybe that's better and maybe that's not -- I don't have the simulation chops to figure it out. Maybe the resonant modes would help ion optics or some other nifty thing. I suspect that it's minimal absent some major excitation -- cold plasmas tend to have high electrical resistance. In any case, the advantages of virtual electrodes instead of physical ones, if such can be maintained, are high enough to be worth the investigation on their own.

>I like the idea of electron toroids. Like the Bergman electron model at www.css.org, electron toroids are stable and may make interesting lenses and accelerators. If Bergman is right about an electron, an electron toroid just might burp out a microwave photon?! That would be a very usefull thing!

I personally think Bergman is incorrect in his re-tooling of QM -- it doesn't account for some of the more exotic stuff coming out of accelerators.

>Certainly cold plasma. Could you consider the supersonic of a jet engine 'cold' considering the the ratio of random velocity to exauhst velocity, and mach diamond pattern?

The mach diamonds aren't an ion crystal -- first off, the jet exhaust isn't ionized, second, the diamonds are the result of the exhaust interaction with the surrounding air.