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Subject: Re: Novice Questions
Date: Jan 31, 0:09 am
Poster: Dave Cooper

On Jan 31, 0:09 am, Dave Cooper wrote:

Just a short comment on spot welding. I believe there is also an inexpensive soldering gun type spot welder suitable for fairly fine gage wire.

I don't have a design to describe, but... I think you can modilfy a Weller soldering gun (preferably the higher power ones) to do spot welding, The soldering gun is actually a nice transformer capable of producing about 150 amperes in the single turn secondary made by the usual soldering tip. By making a pair of blunt pointed copper tips to replace the continuous wire like soldering tip, the soldering gun can apply that secondary current to wires or sheet metal clamped between the points. You just need to clamp the wires with the blunt copper tips and hold the clamping pressure while the soldering gun trigger switch is held on for a few seconds. You use the color temp to indicate if the weld is hot enough.

Perhaps others have a better idea...

Dave Cooper