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Subject: Re: $1,000,000 prize
Date: Aug 10, 08:37 am
Poster: Richard Hull

On Aug 10, 08:37 am, Richard Hull wrote:

>Would anybody be interested in a $1,000,000 prize being offered for a working model of a Farnsworth Fusor?


If you mean one that does fusion.........that fuses two deuterons into helium and produced neutrons as a result. I have already won the prize. If you mean a self-sustaining fusion reaction where there is more energy out than used to operate the device..... well as I have stated elsewhere on the this board, that is unlikely to ever happen due to grid losses within the device.

The big boys with there mighty tokomaks with 100 tons magnets, spheromaks, inertial confinement teriwatt, tritium drip laser machines have sucked countless millions from our national treasure and are still just playing with fusion after 40 years!!! Offer the prize to them! They won't ever consider it! They fart away that much on useless flatulent, dispeptic, hangers-on salaries in a week!

The farnworth fusor DOES DO Fusion... no doubt about it!!!!

Currently....nobody, and nothing... anywhere... does continuos, self- sustaining fusion outside of nature.

Richard Hull