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Subject: Re: Who runs the BBS?
Date: Feb 02, 9:58 am
Poster: Richard Hull

On Feb 02, 9:58 am, Richard Hull wrote:

>I wrote perfessr@songs.com asking about getting the text archive of the BBS for our search engines. Perfessr didn't respond. In fact, no one seems too concerned with getting a searchable archive of this site. Doesn't anyone else care?


The perfesser, Paul Schatzkin (sp?) started the Farnsworth sites and, I suppose, administers the thing, but is a busy man. I would think that he would be the main guy to talk to. I have no skills in dos, microsoft based systems, or even worse, in site setup. I spend only such time in front of a computer as that mandated by my job and hobbies, shunning the filthy glowing screens as much as possible.

I have contiuously printed out all decent posts and responses as I felt the need to and have the entire list bound into to nice GBC volumes up to this point. I figure stuff like this board could disappear at any instant in time with the volatility of the E-world being what it is.

Richard Hull