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Subject: Re: Finding Hamfests
Date: Feb 03, 4:42 pm
Poster: Richard Hull

On Feb 03, 4:42 pm, Richard Hull wrote:

The plus ultra site for hamfest location and times is:


The ARRL is the main American amateur radio collective. Not all hamfests are ARRL sanctioned and will not be on their list. However, 100% of all the really large and good hamfests are ARRL sanctioned! Podunk mobile clubs and CBer conclaves will not be found, but they are usually quit small affairs. By going to a really big fest, and stopping at the ARRL table, (usually the anchor point of the entire event), you will find tables full of flyers for all the upcoming local (within 200 mile radius) hamfests and also a lot of flyers of non-ARRL micro or mini hamfests as well.

Beware! A lot of the microfests are just a bunch of good ole boys spittin' and swappin' fish stories with a bunch of cellar and attic or barn clutter thrown in their pickup beds for sale. If you do attend any of these micro events, you will quickly get a feel for what is a good, good-ole-boy hamfest and which are losers. I would never test one out that isn't within one hour's drive. I have about two small fests that I attend and have moderate to good luck at. The big events which takeup an entire state or city fairground area are the winners with hundreds or even a thousand vendors, you WILL find something you can use. I go to 14 of these giant events per year.

I had a nice 2 page article published in the Journal of the Society of Amateur Scientists in which I gave all the little know secrets and major pitfalls to hamfesting learned through many years of torment, torture, and tears.

Richard Hull