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Subject: Heads Up!
Date: Feb 07, 9:04 am
Poster: Richard Hull

On Feb 07, 9:04 am, Richard Hull wrote:


Get hold of the recent vol71, number 2 (Feb 2000) issue of Review Of Scientific Instrumentation. Page 1210.

There is a short, but very well done article on IECF. Some fairly nice work was done by 5 Japanese authors who pass on just the facts as they see them.

As was suspected all along, the star mode beams are really just electron beam paths out of the cathode, illuminated by ionization, deionization processes in the gas.

Ion transparency of the grid is well below the geometric transparency. No news here, just another confirmation of same.

Still, it is too nice a paper not to be in the IECF freaks folder.

Richard Hull