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Subject: Re: Interesting Pulsed Neutron Source
Date: Feb 08, 0:34 am
Poster: Richard Hester

On Feb 08, 0:34 am, Richard Hester wrote:

Interesting site. As a historical note, if I remember correctly, (after all, I read it nearly 30 years ago in Glasstone's Sourcebook for Controlled Thermonuclear Reactions, a great survey on the early hot fusion efforts - I wish I had a copy now), the early pinch researchers got bursts of neutrons but were rather dashed when they found that thet were due to anomalous particle acceleration due to plasma instabilities rather than honest thermonuclear action. I don't see any reason why some of the effects mentoned in the Swedish site couldn't happen in a plasma conductor....

Richard Hester

>>>I found an interesting site that gives an overview of "Amperian Electrodynamics" at http://www.df.lth.se/~snorkelf/Longitudinal/node1.html
>>>It includes a description of a pulsed Dueterated-Ammonia capillary explosion at 500J, 200KV that produces 10^9 Neutrons.
>>>Haven't some of the BBS members experimented with water-arc? Ever see any neutrons?
>There are all sorts of interesting effects that occur with very fast rise times di/dt > 1E9 V/second, including soft Xray production (in air) and, I seem to recall, neutron production. You might do a search for MAGPIE and SPEED