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Subject: Re: Bussard ICF
Date: Jan 05, 3:53 pm
Poster: Richard Hull

On Jan 05, 3:53 pm, Richard Hull wrote:

>I believe that Robert Bussard has proposed a refinement of the Farnsworth ICF device in which the inner cathode grid is no longer needed. However, I don't know the details on it.
>Also, work is being done at Los Alamos on the ICF concept as a neutron generator.

The above are all correct. Bussard is looking at propulsion aspects and has some really nice ideas few of which I am privy to even having his "lab rat" Tom Ligon as a close friend. I wish Bussard well. He is just enough of a free agent to do good work.

The plodding pace of research is directly proportional to the square of the funding, in dollars, times the number of paid researchers on the team.

The fusor is a labor of love.

Richard Hull