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Subject: X-Ray Measurements - More
Date: Feb 14, 1:32 am
Poster: Dave Cooper

On Feb 14, 1:32 am, Dave Cooper wrote:

Apologies about the duplicate posts ... not sure what happened..Sent off the first post before completely finishing....

A good rule of thumb for Xray shielding issues is to have at least one 90 deg bend, and preferably more in any beam path. This means that plumbing lines need zig zag paths near the penetrations to the vessel.. and should be metal, if HV insulation is not the issue.

The direct beams, you should be particularly wary about... as Richard Hull has explained. For energies of 50 kev, XRAY path lengths can be a couple of feet in air. So it pays to be quite thorough in checking out your equipment.

I think you can use about 3mm of lead for shielding up through about 80 kv or a bit more.

Dave C.